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There comes a point in your life when you’re ready for so much more...

We are naturally wired with the ability to “relate and connect”. With my wisdom and tools I can help you tap into your natural power so that you can be a force of passion. I help powerful people remember their power, and their potential to expand beyond what they imagined possible. You'll release fear and limitation, open your mind and heart, and tap into your soul’s calling, and leap out of bed in the morning excited about your day. Everything you desire is possible, sometimes we just need a little help.


SoulWork Club Online

This is the platform where I offer my training. As always we train the body, mind and soul. It is built on my own personal practice and programs that I’ve organically grown form working with hundreds of clients as a personal trainer.

The key to long-term wellness inside and out is to train smarter not harder. To release stress, tension and fatigue and to induce the systems with juiciness, playfulness and deep self-love.

I’m telling you - THIS WORKS!
Choose your program sign up today and I’ll meet you in the members group for individual coaching!


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Soul Work 4 week Depth

Join me for an 4 week online packed with juicy power and wisdom. It’s effective, feminine, fun and fits into your busy life. After all, just as your body needs a good regular workout, your soul does too.

The days of keeping yourself small with lack of energy, fear and uncertainty is over, it’s time to DO something about it. It’s time to feel inspired, connected and turned on!

SoulWork Depth is an online coaching program. Each week starts with a live group coaching call where we connect beyond they surface and dive into juicy & revolutionary practices. Every week you get inspiring content, support and actual tools to embody your inspiration. Cause a lot of people are inspired, but not that many know how to put it into action. You also have access to out juicy SoulWork community via our private Facebook group where I hang out a lot, doing FB lives and answering your Q&As.

This is what you get:
4 live 1h group coaching calls (see time and dates for each specific training).
- One 45min private coaching session and the option to add on coaching sessions at additional cost (this is unique to this training, I normally don’t sell single coaching sessions).
- Access to our private SoulWork community on Facebook where Johanna answers your questions and holds live sessions.
- Weekly emails with exercises, wisdom and tools to embody your power, including questions for reflections.
- A 30% discount code to any of our SoulWork Club programs which I highly recommend that you sign up to and get started with before the training. Choose the program that feels nourishing and tingling.

Investment: 6 900 sek inc vat
Dates: 2019 is fully booked. Dates for 2020 to be announced. The trainings are held in English or in Swedish, choose the one that suits you.

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SoulWork 3 month Premium Coaching

Swedish version HERE!

Are you ready to go ALL IN on the life you came here for? It’s the life you dream about. The one you’re afraid of. The one you’re just barely able to imagine. The one that makes you wonder if you’re worthy.

Well, this is it, I’m ready for you! There is an inspired, healed, unlimited creative genius already alive inside you. Even if you can’t see if yet, I can. And together, we will bring your soul to light for the whole world to witness.

Using a comprehensive method that engages your multidimensional self on the levels of psyche, soul, energetics, emotion and physiology, you will uncover and move through the beliefs, habits and habitual fear patterns standing in the way of your wildest dreams.

You were built to produce magic, my love.

This is not about learning lessons or fixing yourself. It's not about self-improvement or self-help.

It's about forgetting what you've been taught, and remembering what you KNOW.

This is what you get:
Two 1-hour coaching sessions per month (total 6)
- Two 15 minute laser sessions per month (total 6)
- Juicy action steps based on your highest calling + deepest desires following each session
- Email communication between sessions to keep you supported and on track
- Mind-body tools customized for your unique needs & desires
- 1 personalized guided meditation or yoga nidra (recorded for you to practice whenever you want)
A personalized daily ritual to elevate your state and tune into your juicy depth
- My commitment to your inner genius, wisest knowing and soul's calling finding its most juicy and sustainable expression in the world

Investment: 33 696 sek ink vat
Application: Email me - jira@me.com - to schedule a 20 minute consultation, so we can decide if we're a good fit for each other. I’m coaching in Swedish or English, your choice!


“Jag har haft den stora förmånen att ha Johanna som personlig tränare och inspiratör sedan ett antal år.
Johanna som person är ett levande endorfin, adrenalin och vitaminpiller. Efter varje pass med henne är jag fysiskt utmattad och själsligt påfylld.
Johannas storhet förutom en otrolig kunskap är hennes förmåga att såväl pedagogiskt instruera, inspirera som motivera mig.
Jag kan med glädje rekommendera Johanna, hon håller sig ständigt uppdaterad vad som sker träningsmässigt och alltid närvarande som person.”

– Lotta K

”Johanna är en fantastiskt inspirerande PT. Tänk er en otroligt skicklig, nästan självlysande, yogini som är mycket kunnig inom allt som har med både yoga och anatomi att göra. Lägg till ett stort engagemang och osedvanlig klokskap. Toppa det med en underbar humor. Där har ni Johanna!”

– Karin T.H

”Jag längtar alltid till mina PT sessioner med Johanna! Med hela min kropp och själ :) Johannas professionella, noggranna, varma och humoristiska handledning sker minutiöst och själsligt i en kombination som är absolut total. Magisk! Jag utvecklas och förstår bit för bit vad jag gör, varför, var jag är i min egen utveckling och vart jag är på väg. Det är en resa som bara skapar mer lust och vilja hos mig.

Våra sessioner är fantastiskt roliga och stimulerande, jag vill alltid fortsätta denna resa!”

– Sigrid H.K

“Otroligt skönt att få en vecka med sån variation och kvalité.  Jag har under det här retreatet höjt mitt eget självförtroende både kroppsligt och mentalt.  Nu kommer jag aldrig kunna släppa yogan! Tusen tack för det!”

– Therése L