Classical YogaNidra English

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Classical YogaNidra English


Welcome home to yourself with this classical Satyananda YogaNidra.
Time: 25min
Guide: Johanna Hector
Language: English

Let me guide you into deep, nourishing relaxation. Everyone can practice YogaNidra, no matter age, background or body.

When you purchase this nidra you get a link to download it to your devices so that you can use it when you are offline for however long you want. It is yours til eternity!


Yoga nidra, literally meaning the Yoga of Sleep, is an extraordinary and powerful practice. It is a great gift that enables everybody to enter a deep state of healing.

Yoga nidra, not only allows for us to be to be well rested at a physical level, but it also, with practice, can empower us to remain fully connected with other dimensions of understanding and awareness that heighten our intuition.